Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grandkids Heal All Ills

There are some obvious benefits to getting older. One of the best is grandchildren. For those of you with aging parents, have you ever noticed how it will always cheer them up if you talk about their grandchildren or great grandchildren?

Andrew is my first grandchild and Great Granny's first great grandchild. Great Granny lives on the farm and when Andrew visits from the big city (Washington D.C.) he takes special interest in looking after Granny. He regularly runs from the "Big House" to her apartment to check on her, holds her hand when she walks to the car and worries a lot about her falling. His Great Grandpa died about a year ago. Saddened by that event he told his Granny how much he would miss talking to Great Grandpa. Granny's response was the obvious, "You can still talk to him. He is listening in heaven." Only slightly consoled, he replied, "But he can not talk back." At age six, he clearly recognized the importance of Grandpa's reply.


  1. Haha, i just love your pictures!

  2. I miss hearing those voices too!

  3. I love that picture, too.

    My little guy is the first grandchild for my parents and hubby's parents, and the first great grandchild for both sets of hubby's grandparents. I do think that first one is special. :)

    And he is VERY close to his grandpa's too. I just pray that they live long enough for him to really get to know them. he's only 2 and he adores them, but they need a few more years together!